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Case Studies

Our Case Studies & Success Stories

Please find below a series of case studies and success stories on how we helped by providing clients with valuable advice.



P is a 63-year-old gentleman who has multiple health conditions including diabetes, kidney failure and arthritis. He cannot work and is in receipt of Employment and Support Allowance (ESA). The client had also been in receipt of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) for many years: he received the... Read more


Mr A was referred to the Warwickshire Specialist Benefits Service after he had twice claimed Personal Independence Payment and been turned down. Mr A was a man in his 50’s who suffered from severe depression and anxiety, breathing problems and also chronic knee and back pain from arthritis. In... Read more

Help during Covid-19

Sharon rang the adviceline in a distressed state looking for advice with benefits and  debt.  She disclosed to us she is married with two young children. Sharon is a shop manager currently not working being signed off from her GP due to lasting effects of contracting COVID-19, her GP has... Read more

Maximising Frank's Income

Frank is a single person aged 54 years old who suffers from severe anxiety and mental health issues and receives Employment Support Allowance (Support Group). Previously he was getting DLA at the lowest rate for many years and had recently been asked and submitted a Personal Independence Payment... Read more