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Case Studies

Maximising Frank's Income

Frank is a single person aged 54 years old who suffers from severe anxiety and mental health issues and receives Employment Support Allowance (Support Group). Previously he was getting DLA at the lowest rate for many years and had recently been asked and submitted a Personal Independence Payment claim.  Unfortunately the claim was not awarded.

Frank was referred by his support worker to ourselves.  Through many conversations our caseworker built trust and confidence in Frank to submit an appeal.  Fran was terrified that the appeal would be an oral hearing but we reassured him that it would be paper based and that we would support him along the way.

Our caseworker submitted an in-depth submission to Tribunal Services which was based on interaction with Frank as well as analysing the information in the appeal papers.  As a result of our support Frank was awarded enhanced rate of daily living and standard mobility.  The Tribunal agreed to pay arrears to the tune of £10,056.39.

Frank will also receive £5863.00 annually.

Through additional work the caseworker also ensured that Severe Disability premium be applied to Frank's current ESA payment. As this was back-dated to the PIP award - it resulted in further payments of £5980.20 for arrears and annual award of £3481.40.

In total Frank has received £16036.59 in arrears and will be better off by £9344.40 annually.


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