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Become a Volunteer at BRANCAB!

Volunteers who give advice are at the heart of our service and we really could not manage without them. We want to recruit a number of trainee Advisers - people from all walks of life and all ages.

All we ask is that you offer a commitment of one day per week. After training you can choose a day (9.30am - 3pm) that suits you. We'll even cover your travel expenses.

Why you should join us

First class training

We pride ourselves on the quality of our training. All we'll need from you is basic IT skills (internet & email), the ability to read & write, a willingness to negotiate and research. In return we'll teach you every thing you need to know to become a first class Adviser.


We're a team. We understand that it's impossible to know everything, which is why we have an extensive dedicated database you are able to draw on, and experienced in-house specialists who can guide you to provide the right information you'll need to support a client.


Once you've completed training, you'll not only have gained new friends, but also reassurance from a strong team who will continue to support you and help broaden your knowledge. In fact many of our qualified trainees go on to support new trainees.

What you will gain

Playing your part

Nationally, we have over 23,000 highly trained volunteers supporting the delivery of our service. They come from all sorts of backgrounds and help with everything we do.

Looking ahead

If you want to try something different, becoming a volunteer adviser can not only be rewarding, it can give you the confidence to tackle things you could only have dreamt of doing.


Some of the most interesting people we've met are retired and want to apply the skills acquired to support the local community. What we will do is help you realise your potential whatever stage of life you have reached!

All our advisers will tell you that it is personally rewarding being part of a team that specialises in giving help and support when it is most needed.





Interested?  Please complete the form below:

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Do YOU have what it takes?