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Join Citizens Advice Tenants Voice Panel 

The government is planning to make changes to private renting in the coming year through the Renters Reform Bill - a key piece of housing legislation that could help shift the balance of power between landlords and renters. 

We’re looking for around ten people who rent in the private sector to work with us closely to make sure the bill delivers improvements to the rights and experiences of renters. The panel will help us understand in depth the challenges they have faced (like poor housing conditions, eviction and harassment from landlords), help us explore what possible changes to legislation would help renters and let the Government and decision makers know how the bill could impact renters. 

The panel will participate online over November to February and be reimbursed for their time with gift vouchers. The exact amount is dependent on the number of sessions people attend (minimum of £50 of GiftPay vouchers per session and we will run at least three sessions). 

We’re keen to get a diversity of voices in our Tenants Voice Panel and would encourage those who might be a little unsure to give it a go - or get in touch directly with any questions or to have a chat on the phone to find out more. 

To apply, read the Information Sheet and then complete the short application form online by 14 October 2021. 

If you have any questions about this opportunity, please e-mail Faaiza at

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